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Add Interactive Entertainment to your Office Holiday Party

The holidays are almost here and you are in charge of planning the office holiday party:) Ok, book the venue, get the caterer, and maybe a theme….but the most memorable part of the party will be the entertainment. A DJ is a good start, but that is more background music and perhaps some dancing later. What about 40% of your co-workers that don’t dance…how do you keep them at the party and happy? The solution is some interactive entertainment that keeps everyone from thinking I may not come to the party next year.

Here are some fun ideas to get employees into the mood and enjoy coming to the office holiday party.
One, how about learning a new skill like line dancing… get a good DJ that can teach the crowd how to do popular line dances from
country line dances to modern Electric Slide, Thriller, etc…

Another fun idea is a murder mystery dinner…but one where the actors are mingling and playing up their characters with you and all
the other co-workers. Then it becomes more of a game of clue trying to figure out “Who Done it!” Maybe even creating teams to solve the
mystery and award first, second, and third prizes.

And thanks to programs like America’s Got Talent…a popular theme is a mentalist/Illusionist. A show can be great, but roaming makes the
fun very interactive. Each group gets a private performance and if the corporate magician is smart different performance illusions at different
groups so when they share their amazing experiences they can get excited when they hear different groups witnessed some different illusions!!

The roaming style of magic allows the illusionist to ‘break the ice’ and connect employees that perhaps normally don’t communicate. In fact, if
requested they can transform their roaming illusions into team building moments as the illusions tie them together in unique ways; perhaps as simple
as a shared experience to illusions that require 2 or more to participate!

So what are you waiting for call some interactive entertainers before all of our availability disappears:)
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Trade Shows- POST follow up! The missing link

Hello Trade show fans & admirers,
This is the critical step which most companies need help with or skip entirely. You need to plan your follow up from your big days at the trade show exhibit. What kind of planning should this involve:
*Set aside a day or two to shift through the leads and determine if they are cold, warm, or hot. Follow up by priority.
*A pre-made follow up letter to make it efficient & quick so your sales team really follows up with warm to hot prospects.
*A way to follow up on tracking on what worked at the booth and what didn’t? Did you have a game (golf putting, spin the wheel), or a magician
at your booth during the show dates? If so, you had a way to track how many each attraction brought to your booth:)
*Another reason to know how effective a booth attraction was…is you can use it to tie in the memory of visiting your booth! i.e. “Let us make your next repair/sale/home addition (fill in the blank)… a home run!”
or perhaps having used a magician… “We want to thank so & so for stopping by to see the magic of ABC company!”
*Maybe for the hottest leads you send in the mail a promotional item to really say thank you for visiting our booth (and of course it has your logo, name, and phone number to reach your company! (Don’t use the company item that is generic it won’t help them reach you.)
*Have a 2nd follow up letter for 30 days, and maybe a 3rd for 90 days:)

It may take a year or more for warm leads to do business with you, that is why they are so important, because the sales process for bigger items
take planning, face to face relations, and follow up marketing.

To increase your trade show success visit

Planning for the Big Day(s) of your Trade Show- attracting attendees!

The big day is here and what have you done to plan for it’s success? How do you ensure attendees to be potentially
interested in your booth?
First, make or purchase a quality booth display, as simple as 1 or 2 pull up banners, to a more elaborate display.
Check out Affordable Displays in Maine or your own source (but I highly recommend a company someone that has been referred
as opposed to Googling it.)

If there is a theme; Going Green (is everyone working the booth in a green uniform, are the pens you are giving away a green color, etc…)
Speaking of pens, make sure you decide in advance what promotional products are best to give out to the potential clients
visiting your booth.
Visit Peter Bunker of Shads Advertising at You want to give them something useful that they will use and not
just throw away when they get back to the office.

Staffing the booth; how many will you need? Don’t forget breaks (so have someone cover you if possible). Will everyone be be
Photo-w-card pips in glasseswearing a company shirt, a certain color, in suits or more casual? Make sure everyone working the booth is a were of the coordination.

Some Do’s and Dont’s on the day of your show:
Do’s : Push the table towards the back of the wall and stand in front of your table!
Do staff your booth with employees that customers often rave about (smiles, charm, and personality are key on a long trade show day!)

Don’t’s: Do not sit behind your table as potential clients walk by!
Do not eat at your booth! (go eat for 20-minutes and take a break…it is much better than seeing someone eating at the booth.)
Do not text and talk on your phone at the booth! (You should be ready to answer any questions.)

Most important what is your strategy to get attendees to stop? A drawing, food samples, a game, perhaps a corporate magician?
Make it interactive and give people a reason to stop, having fun is more likely to attract attention from those walking by than a sterile professional PC booth. Statistics show that a corporate magician is one of the most highly rated ROI for a trade show booth. Attracting attendees in a fun interactive performance is key to getting them to stop! For more ideas on how a trade show magician might be your best investment visit:

Trade show planning for success!

Trade shows are a part of your marketing, correct? The same or more effort is needed to achieve success at the shows you attend and exhibit at.
3 steps are needed to assure success; pre-planning, the day of the show, and post marketing.

Each step needs due attention to create good returns on your investment. Today I will talk about pre-planning. Some of the marketing strategies
your want to consider and budget for our a good printer (check out Ed Symbol of Full Court Press). From banners, flags, to creative custom made business cards for that show (perhaps a special discount or offer when they bring that card in.) A good trade show booth display (see affordable exhibits).

Now the details; will you have a theme to your booth? Is there one for the show you are attending? i.e. if it’s sports related have some Red Sox baseball caps, Celtics Basketball, etc.. maybe wearing sports attire. Then will you have a a sign up list? Getting people to sign up or drop their business card in takes some creative touches. If you are running with the sports theme maybe the winner wins a signed basketball, baseball,
or tee shirt from one of the sports teams:)

Don’t forget to send a flyer to companies you would like to do business with. Send those out a week in advance and then if you have their e-mail a follow up e-mail telling them what booth you’re at. Give them a reason to stop by your booth; mentioned the autographed sports item, or send them a key that might open up a treasure chest filled with bills! Be creative.

Your Ace in the hole for Trade Shows !

Your Ace in the hole for Trade Shows !

The more you plan the more likely you are to have a successful show. But Planning is just a part of the battle. Stay tuned for our other
2 important steps to trade show success.

For more info, ideas, or to check on my availability for your next show go to

Improving yourself via Practice !

How do we get better in anything we do?   Practice… and if that is the answer then more practice equals better results.   Of course, how and what you practice in your field of interest makes all the difference in your results too!    And we should compare ourselves from where we start to where we currently are on our journey of practice.   In magic, the golden rules are Practice, Practice, and more Practice!  As a magician I practice the secret moves so they stay secret!  So they become second nature and I can focus on connecting with my audience.  How long should you work on your craft/hobby?   Different techniques require shorter or longer time commitments to achieve OK, good, or great results.

Different venues/audiences means different practice techniques:)    For an office holiday party, I am working on advanced sleight-of-hand to wow everyone from the CEO to the employees.   For a trade show, the practice is more about marrying their message to the illusions so they become a sales presentation.

Musicians practice keys, strings, horns, etc… for many many hours so the melody is pleasant.   Artists learn to trust their hands to capture what their eyes and minds see.   The recent Olympians practiced for years to take time off their race, event or to score!  Can you imagine working so diligently for months and years to just take a second or two off your time.  That can be the difference from Gold and not qualifying for an event.   Put the time in you desire, have time for , or need depending on the outcome you desire.

Next week I will talk about how to make practicing more enjoyable:)

Magically yours,

Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions, Corporate Magician

Holiday Parties

Unique Twists on your Office Holiday Party

Wow, it’s that time already… time to plan the office holiday party. You need a location (your own location, hotel/banquet facility),
food, and what do you do to make it fun, exciting, and memorable?

Hire a corporate magician to work the room! Roaming/Strolling Miracles creates the experience of being in the show! The illusions happen right under your co-worker’s noses and in their hands!! The roaming magician should be able to include special requests.. make gift certificates, or money appear in fun ways for the employees or make a drink ticket appear at the oyster bar your party is enjoying.

What about after you eat dinner? What not everyone is into problem have a corporate magician engage the entire room with illusions,
comedy, and other surprises! Sawing the boss in half is often a highlight.

Need more ideas or want to brainstorm on how to transform your office party this year…visit or e-mail

Summer Cruises- a magical touch of entertainment

Company summer outings are a blast, enjoying the warm weather, a sip of your favorite beverage and cruising over the waters. Where do you crusie? In Maine… there is the Songo Locke River Queen in Naples, and in Portland several boats that take you around the islands. In Portsmouth, NH there is Isles of Shoals Steamship Company and in Boston Black Falcon Cruise Terminal are just some of the New England options for your company to enjoy sunsets, conversations with co-workers, and how about some interactive entertainment!

Roaming/Strolling Magic entertainment allows your company to provide a great cruise and fun times all in one. When I work a cruise I will engage and
visit with tables or groups for a very brief fun visit of 5 minutes or less or more for those that are into the brain teasers and ‘wow’ factor!
The nice part for your co-workers is they don’t have to stop what they are doing and sit through a 45 minute show. They can sit back relax and enjoy the little extra special entertainment and then go back to whatever else they want till the cruise ship ports again.

Looking for an engaging magician for your cruise…call Abracadabra Productions for info, ideas, or to check availability.

Face to Face Marketing

Ok, so we all e-mail, text, and FaceBook each other for business transactions, communication, orders, etc…
How do you reach new or past clients these days?
Often the people we are trying to connect with don’t respond to the above forms of communication unless they know and like us personally. Face to Face events; like trade shows and expos are still one of the best ways to connect with companies and people that you want to do business with!
A face with a name goes a long way to opening doors for future business. Trade shows offer your future client the ability to see many industry related devises, services, and equipment as well as decide who they like and want to do business with. Pricing alone is not the real reason people do business with us. It might open a door, but to keep them it’s all about relationships which start with face to face communication!

Next week join me for how to effectively track your trade show results!

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Holiday office party entertainment ideas

Wow, the Holidays are right around the corner:) It’s your turn to plan the festivities for the office party…what do you do?
Start by brainstorming with a couple other committee members, don’t have a committee…ask for input from at least 2 other co-workers.

Things to plan are food, decorations, & entertainment. Food can be catered or pot luck; there is something exciting about potluck…it’s a surprise what others are making and how tasty it is. Decorations can entail several co-workers beliefs obvious ones are Christmas & Hanukkah…the challenge is to not leave anyone’s beliefs out. Ribbons around office furniture to look like presents, maybe stations in the conference room set up to represent a few different beliefs.
Last, and most important are entertaining ideas. Your co-workers won’t remember the food, but something fun and memorable will be the topic of conversation long after the New Year! Maybe carolers surprising the office, Santa w/ presents for your co-workers, or a roaming magician that can work the cocktail hours or even present a luncheon/dinner performance?!

For more holiday ideas, call or e-mail : or 1-800-964-8749.

Holiday office parties- planning early

When is the best time to start planning your company’s office holiday/Christmas party? At the end of last year’s or if not immediately:)

Just like setting goals, planning is the key to finding the perfect location for your office party, getting the caterer you want, and entertainment that is memorable!

If you are working with a budget (which who isn’t) then planning early allows you to find out how much you have for entertainer(s). Do you want entertainment for the cocktail hour? A cello duo, or interactive sleight-of-hand magician? Or are you having a band or an exciting magician present a show after lunch or dinner? Timing is part of the planning too. Often an entertainer in demand might be working anywhere from 2 or more events and the planned timing of their appearance can determine if they can fit your office party into their schedule.

So start planning now and “remember, the co-workers and guests won’t remember the food, but they will remember the exciting entertainment you help provide!”

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