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Corporate Events

Hire a Professional Magician for your Corporate Events. It will perform Magic for your Business

corporate entertainmentIn today’s world, keeping your company name and image in potential clients’ minds is challenging. With millions of images and advertisements flashed in front of them constantly, how do you get your clients and potential clients to keep you in the forefront of their mind?

  • You have to be creative! “Don’t just think out of the box, but step out of it.”
  • Do something different and memorable.
  • Following up on a regular basis.


“Thanks again for making my clients feel comfortable and for being an instrumental part of making my event a success.”
—Smith Barney

“Thank you for your awesome performances at our recent Client Events. Your subtle references and tie-ins to my practice and our services were a nice touch.”
—Gregory E. Strong Financial & Retirement Planning

“Your magic tricks added that special touch as a great icebreaker to start the evening off with a more comfortable atmosphere.”
—Northeast Financial Services


Promoting companies at trade shows, grand openings, open houses, and product promotions allows helping my clients achieve all three of the most important elements in gaining and keeping customers. This is all accomplished through the use of magic illusions weaved into a targeted sales presentation for your events.


How important is holding onto existing clients and employees for you and your company? Showing appreciation to clients and staff can boost morale, strengthen relationships, and grow your company by celebrating theirs and your achievements. Creative ways of showing a “thank you”


  • Client Appreciations…luncheon/dinner (at their office, or more extravagant at a beautiful restaurant.)
  • Holiday Parties/Summer Outings- to thank your employees for all their hard work.
  • Trainings & Meetings- make them memorable to your employees, vendors and sales representatives. Live interactive presentations far exceed power point presentations. Imagine as the topics visually come to life in an exhilarating performance that includes active participation of your employees.

Please, step inside and learn more of the ways I can help you as you read about testimonials of how I helped other companies achieve their corporate objectives!