Maine magician

Grand Openings

♦ You only get one chance to make a memorable impression…let Abracadabra Productions and Phil Smith make it a lasting impression!

grand openings

Phil has performed at over 75 Grand Openings from C.N. Brown’s ‘Big Apple stores’ to Dunkin Donuts to Credit Unions and Banks.

Phil makes your promotional products appear in the hands of potential customers! How’s that for customer service!

Do you have promotional products that you want to get into the hands of potential customers? Here are just a few items Phil has intertwined with magic illusions:
• Coffee Mugs – Making a lemon appear from a coffee mugs with a company on it.
• Pens – multiply or coins appear in the pens themselves and given away as souvenirs.
• Chocolate Coins – splitting chocolate coins into many copies of chocolate coins for XPRESS copy.

“Your being at the booth was a smashing success.”
—Philip Rhinelander, President of XPRESS Copy

The word of mouth advertising that generates is simply amazing. Best of all as potential customers that have received your promotional products in a magical way are showing off your mug, piggy bank, etc to their friends…that has your company logo, name, and telephone numbers on them.

“We had several vendors working the Kmart Grand Opening: face painter, balloon artist, Disc Jockey. But Phil stole the show with his amazing performances! Phil is the person to hire!”
—Legacy Marketing Partners, on behalf of Kmart

“I have nothing but praise for your performance at our Grand Opening.”
—TruChoice Federal Credit Union

“Phil “created the unexpected” by making Munchkins appear and disappear to smiles and gasps of amazement. Best of all, he had crowds of people using Dunkin Donuts as the magic words!”
—Dunkin Donuts

“We would highly recommend your service to businesses looking to make an event a marketing success & memorable occasion!”
Kennebunk Savings Bank


Peter Bunker of Shad’s Advertising