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Add Interactive Entertainment to your Office Holiday Party

The holidays are almost here and you are in charge of planning the office holiday party:) Ok, book the venue, get the caterer, and maybe a theme….but the most memorable part of the party will be the entertainment. A DJ is a good start, but that is more background music and perhaps some dancing later. What about 40% of your co-workers that don’t dance…how do you keep them at the party and happy? The solution is some interactive entertainment that keeps everyone from thinking I may not come to the party next year.

Here are some fun ideas to get employees into the mood and enjoy coming to the office holiday party.
One, how about learning a new skill like line dancing… get a good DJ that can teach the crowd how to do popular line dances from
country line dances to modern Electric Slide, Thriller, etc…

Another fun idea is a murder mystery dinner…but one where the actors are mingling and playing up their characters with you and all
the other co-workers. Then it becomes more of a game of clue trying to figure out “Who Done it!” Maybe even creating teams to solve the
mystery and award first, second, and third prizes.

And thanks to programs like America’s Got Talent…a popular theme is a mentalist/Illusionist. A show can be great, but roaming makes the
fun very interactive. Each group gets a private performance and if the corporate magician is smart different performance illusions at different
groups so when they share their amazing experiences they can get excited when they hear different groups witnessed some different illusions!!

The roaming style of magic allows the illusionist to ‘break the ice’ and connect employees that perhaps normally don’t communicate. In fact, if
requested they can transform their roaming illusions into team building moments as the illusions tie them together in unique ways; perhaps as simple
as a shared experience to illusions that require 2 or more to participate!

So what are you waiting for call some interactive entertainers before all of our availability disappears:)
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