Maine magician

Transforming holiday parties from good to GREAT!

Your company holiday party is fast approaching and you are on the team to make this year the party everyone wants to attend. How do you do that? You start the planning early. You say, “But it’s only August”…guess what that is the perfect time to line up the venue (especially, if you are not […]

The ‘Magic’ of corporate trainings!

Companies offer trainings for different reasons; it might be for compliance reasons, educational, or often motivational! The reasons are all important and valid to organize and plan to create results. WHY NOT MAKE THOSE RESULTS MAGICAL! Often if you tie it into some kind of educational/motivational training then on top of the results and hopeful […]

Entertainers: Quality vs Price

Ok, you have the job of scheduling the entertainment for your company’s upcoming event; WHAT DO YOU DO? Well first is the event for promotional reasons/marketing or employee appreciation? It makes a huge difference in the entertainer(s) you choose. If this is my first time planning the company event how do I know what avenues […]

Company Summer Events

Summer is such a great time to show your company’s appreciation to their employees because of all the wonderful options available to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Outdoor sporting events allow the sports fan to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and drink beer while enjoying the Portland Sea Dogs, New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Boston Red Sox, etc… […]

Magic in business meetings

Ok, it’s your weekly, or quarterly meeting and you have heard it all, the repetition, driving the same message over and over. How do you reach your staff, co-workers, or employees in a different and unique way that gets results? Add a little magic to your theme! Everyone learns differently, but visual learning combined with […]

Grand Openings- make them fun and memorable!

Planning to open a new store, branch, or facility and you want to make it memorable? Using entertainment at your Grand Opening will give people a reason to visit (especially if they don’t know you yet!) Entertainment can liven up the festivities and can be structured based on your clientele. Will your store, branch, etc… […]

Why a magician works well providing cocktail entertainment

At holiday parties both corporate and private; a magician works well to loosen up the crowd!  Holiday/Christmas celebrations often involve pasted horderves; employees, staff, and friends milling about until they find someone they know to converse with. When a magician works the cocktail entertainment… the room comes alive!  We create an ‘ice-breaker’ so those that […]

Adding the FUN to holiday parties!

The year is coming to an end and it’s been a tough but productive year.   You are thinking about rewarding the employees with a Christmas/holiday office party.    Now it’s time to add the FUN!   Find a location that works for your company whether that is on site (lunch party) or off site at a […]

Corporate Holiday parties need a little magic!

The magic of the holidays will be here faster than you can say Abracadabra.   It’s time to plan your company’s holiday party for the office social and you want to make it a great one. The key to a great office holiday party is to plan early so you can book the location your CEO […]

Summertime as a Corporate Magician

The life of a Corporate Magician is never dull; from practicing everyday to company BBQ’s to summer festivals and fairs.   This summer I have been performing at and scheduled for many town festivals and fairs.  Yes, they are family related, but I am scheduled due to my ability and skills to wow adults as easily […]