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Transforming holiday parties from good to GREAT!

Your company holiday party is fast approaching and you are on the team to make this year the party everyone wants to attend. How do you do that? You start the planning early. You say, “But it’s only August”…guess what that is the perfect time to line up the venue (especially, if you are not having it right at the company’s facility.)

Decorations can really liven up the atmosphere and create a fun entrance to the company holiday party. A balloon rainbow as coworkers enter the party is a great way to kick it off. If you want to have more hands on then go to a party store and pick up decorations and get other employees to help decorate the party.

Maybe a themed party to get coworkers into the festive mood; James Bond, the North Pole, ugly sweaters, etc… to get people looking at their wardrobe/or the chance to go shopping to have fun at the party.

Prizes- donated by the company, maybe even surrounding restaurants might give coupons, etc.. that you can pick from Santa’s hat. Get a head count of how many plan on joining the company party.

Food- you need that head count to make sure there is enough food for all your employees and guests. Also, if it’s a restaurant they need to plan for items you might need to pre-order.

Drinks- Adult beverages- is this an open bar? Or do you offer 1 or 2 drink tickets per employee to keep liability down and safety up!!! This is one of the best solutions I have seen because it’s a win/win.

Last, make sure you hire your professional entertainment early too. Nothing kicks a company’s holiday party off into high gear like a roaming illusionist! Or if budgets allow a DJ for music/dancing and even an illusionist/Comedian to perform after dinner.

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Entertainers: Quality vs Price

Ok, you have the job of scheduling the entertainment for your company’s upcoming event; WHAT DO YOU DO? Well first is the event for promotional reasons/marketing or employee appreciation? It makes a huge difference in the entertainer(s) you choose.

If this is my first time planning the company event how do I know what avenues to look at in terms of finding the right kind of entertainment and entertainer in that field? Ask your boss how important is this event? Have you had a great year financially? DId the team/department just go through some major challenges and aced them all? Or is this to wine and dine clients and attract potential new clients? All important questions to start with to narrow it down to budgets and what and who will help create the atmosphere you want at your event.

If it’s a client appreciation/or marketing event; such as, a trade show booth, grand opening, product launch you might have a budget and even additional funds from the marketing department for the event to help.

If it’s for entertainment purposes and not promotional then ask several team members what they might like to see for entertainment? A comedian, dueling pianos, a roaming illusionist?

Now that you have asked lots of important questions, how do you proceed? You can do a web search for the kind of entertainers you want to consider. Look at the ones that come up organically too, Google has valued them for a reason (as opposed to those with ads.) Next send out some inquiries to the specific sites you like. Look at their videos, testimonies those are the real look into what you can expect. If their prices is many hundreds cheaper compare apples to apples? Do they have less testimonies (most likely!) Do they have any videos of them performing in the kind of venue/setting/event your company is having you plan???

Consider spending more on the entertainer so you can get the best one for your money! Value is more important than price; i.e. the entertainer might be willing to offer a special, which they still might be $300-$500 more than others, but their standard fees might be much higher due to their track record at other corporate events. Quality matters! The guests/co-workers will not remember what they had for dinner, but they will talking about the entertainment (good or bad for months to come) make sure you hire on quality:)

quality entertainment

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Why a magician works well providing cocktail entertainment

At holiday parties both corporate and private; a magician works well to loosen up the crowd!  Holiday/Christmas celebrations often involve pasted horderves; employees, staff, and friends milling about until they find someone they know to converse with.

holiday party magicianWhen a magician works the cocktail entertainment… the room comes alive!  We create an ‘ice-breaker’ so those that don’t know each other that experience our brand of fun talents they now have a common event to discuss even with strangers.   When I work corporate holiday office parties during the cocktail/social hours I bring people together by including them in the fun.  I might as I have my back turned to be fair to the group that I am wowing (by not trying to see their chosen card) I will say to other guests “watch what I am about to do.”   I give them permission to join our little group and then I am always asking the people I am performing for for their names.   Now we all know each other by our first names:)

A magician can loosen up the crowd also by acting as a co-host (that is part of our job) to give the host, CEO, owner, a chance to relax and not be in two places at once trying to connect with all their guests immediately.   When a corporate magician is doing their performance well we become like a silent co-host helping move the party along and engaging new guests as they arrive.

Strolling/roaming illusions allow us to be very interactive so it’s more of an experience rather than just watching entertainment from a distance or the marvelous DJ’s and bands that are more background music.  A magician’s job is to create the fun and then provide it to other small groups so everyone has a great time.

Of course our main goal is to create a ‘wow’ factor for our client, or company which kicks off their party in a fun, unique, and exciting way that will make everyone talk about the party for weeks and even months to come!

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Holiday Office Parties

Boston Magician adds to the holiday festivities

Wow, the holidays are in full gear. Christmas lights a glow as you walk into malls, stores, and community parks. Santa is magically in more than one place at a time (he’s Santa!) And holiday parties are happening all over Boston and beyond. As a Boston Magician, I had my first holiday party this past Saturday for a bank (250 guests appeared.) The party was at the beautiful Quincy Marriott Hotel. I started preparing earlier in the morning with finger exercises to loosen up the joints for sleight-of-hand. They checking directions and making sure any special requests were in the back of my mind.

Upon arriving early, I meet the staff and management that were handling the checklist, drink tickets, etc… Knowing that they tend to work so hard and miss the entertainment while checking others in I went to work impressing them and adding some early fun to their festivities. Cards were located by this Boston Magician via one of our 5 senses (smell) as my nose seemed to located their card. The management and I became fast friends as they continuously brought new arrivals over to me to add some magical merriment to their evening.

As the party came into full swing, the halls of the event center was a buzz with bankers, staff, and guests everywhere. My job is to work the room via roaming and mingling so that everyone feels apart of the entertainment and becomes part of the experience! Coins materialized and dematerialized in their hands, ears, and handkerchiefs which drove these bank employees crazy. The money was so close and yet so far:)

After the cocktail hour, we all moved into the banquet room. My job is then to work each table of guests as they wait for their salad or main course and in between. This allows me the unique opportunity to do some special illusions; like passing coins through their table; or objects appearing in their salt shakers, etc…

In the end, my job is one of passion and pleasure as I end my night knowing I get to help many other Boston areas holiday parties this 2016 season.
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