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Company Summer Events

Summer is such a great time to show your company’s appreciation to their employees because of all the wonderful options available to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Outdoor sporting events allow the sports fan to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and drink beer while enjoying the Portland Sea Dogs, New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Boston Red Sox, etc… Companies like IDEXX have also included my talents at their outings under a tent to wow the co-workers and their families. Or like the Manchester Fisher Cats hired me directly for all the fans including companies enjoying their games!

Other summer outings might include a cruise at Point Sebago or Naples Songo Queen, Casco Bay cruises or Portsmouth Cruises. A cruise is the perfect place to include a DJ like Corey Smith of Direct Effect Entertainment Productions and/or myself to make the cruise even more fun! Working for a client appreciation on the Portsmouth Harbor cruises for Goss International their reactions to adding my talents were “thrilled with his performances…an extraordinary magician!”

Of course in Maine lobster bakes set up by CVC catering or Personal Touch Catering are mouth watering ways to thank employees as well. Having performed at functions both catering companies provided the lobster bakes allowed for amazing food and fun interactive entertainment!

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Magic in business meetings

Ok, it’s your weekly, or quarterly meeting and you have heard it all, the repetition, driving the same message over and over. How do you reach your staff, co-workers, or employees in a different and unique way that gets results? Add a little magic to your theme!

Everyone learns differently, but visual learning combined with participation is a highly motivating way to reach a high majority of your staff! And the element of surprise is a great way to engage your team. Imagine, someone is introduced as part of the new staff or a guest speaker. The audience is expecting the same old, same old when all of the sudden the guest speaker pulls a crystal ball out of the marker he had been using to write down topics. That is exactly what I did when presenting to The Provident Bank for their annual strategic goals meeting.

Or your group is at a safety training and after showing a box that is empty and black while talking about being in the dark regarding safety issues the speaker produces personal protective safety equipment? That is a fun way I introduced PPE to Pike Industry at several meetings.

Engaging participants/employees into the meeting is a much more effective way to help make sure they retain the information. And they will be talking about the dynamic way you introduced the topics; literally thinking out of the box. Exercises, break out groups, interactive decisions all lend to a more engaged meeting and Magic entertainment will go a long way to making your next meeting more memorable and ‘magical!’

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Grand Openings- make them fun and memorable!

Planning to open a new store, branch, or facility and you want to make it memorable? Using entertainment at your Grand Opening will give people a reason to visit (especially if they don’t know you yet!) Entertainment can liven up the festivities and can be structured based on your clientele.

Will your store, branch, etc… be focusing on families? Then a balloon artist, a DJ, magician, are all good choices that can be geared to an age appropriate entertainment. Balloon artist like Party Palooga in Maine can craft balloons of all shapes and sizes and sometimes even a balloon or two that ties in with your company. When I work family related Grand Openings; like Kmart, Dunkin Donuts, etc… my illusions are fun, like hearted, and quick so quests can also enjoy the free giveaways, etc… that the location might be offering.

Now, grand openings that are more business oriented might want a jazz trio, or my DJ friend Corey Smith of Direct Effect Entertainment Productions
can liven up the atmosphere with music in the background. And Corey can act as an MC if needed. A corporate magician is another perfect addition to your grand opening to add a sophisticated ‘wow’ factor to the fun! When I do Open Houses like for a Massachusetts company of environmental engineers their clients are more laid back, taking their time to ask questions, and I was an ice-breaker, and added an enticing reason to stop in and visit their facility. At Grand Openings/Open Houses I use the company name as the magic words (more P.R….nowadays called impressions.)
I like to incorporate one of their items in the performances (i.e. for Dunkin Donuts I made the dunkin munchkins appear magically!) For banks and credit unions money illusions always are a great way to visually tie in the company to the audience/prospects.

When planning a grand opening don’t forget to make it fun, engaging, and entertaining! Magic anyone:)
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Adding the FUN to holiday parties!

The year is coming to an end and it’s been a tough but productive year.   You are thinking about rewarding the employees with a Christmas/holiday office party.    Now it’s time to add the FUN!   Find a location that works for your company whether that is on site (lunch party) or off site at a hotel, banquet facility, or restaurant.  Lot’s of great choices abound to find what works for budgets, timing, etc…

Most important is making the holiday office party fun!  Some fun ideas to increase attendance might include live entertainment; DJ’s they can really put co-workers in the mood with upbeat or holiday songs.  If the company is big enough and budgets allow a band can be a great way to celebrate the fun.  Interactive FUN might include a corporate magician to work the cocktail/social hour(s) or a show after the meal!

Other fun ideas to add some variety might look like passed horderves, food stations (like different foods from several different countries could really add to the festivities.)   A Bar tender who can do the Tom Cruise cocktail bar juggling and create festive martinis for the occasion.  Interactive Gift swaps like a yankee swap where co-workers get to wrap a gift and then via number system watch as gifts are opened, exchanged, swapped hence the name, etc…

Do you want your co-workers to socialize or relax and sit back and let pros do all the fun and work for them?   Pro chefs cooking up the tasty fun bites and then cleaning up.  Or live entertainment that provides the fun via comedy, magic, music, etc… Or if budgets allow a combo of both will give everyone a little fun to provide a variety of FUN.   And at a office holiday party FUN is the name of the game.

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Holiday Office Parties

Corporate Holiday parties need a little magic!

The magic of the holidays will be here faster than you can say Abracadabra.   It’s time to plan your company’s holiday party for the office social and you want to make it a great one.

The key to a great office holiday party is to plan early so you can book the location your CEO or office manager wants.  Then the all important scheduling fun entertainment to reward your co-workers.   How important is the entertainment for your company?   Are they ok with mediocre or do you really want to make a lasting impression that everyone including the boss will tip their hat to you?!  

Do you want a DJ or live band?  How about a corporate magician that can work both the cocktail hour & cool illusion before the DJ/band goes on or in between their sets?

Setting the tone with the cocktail hour is more than a free drink ticket, live interactive entertainment will liven up the cocktail hour and a great corporate illusionist can ‘break the ice’ and get everyone included and having a good time!   So where do you look for the right fit?   IF you start on line; my recommendation is take a few minutes and look at individual sites that are not ads, check out their videos and read a couple of their testimonies.  Then reach out to the DJ/band and corporate magician that captures your interest for more info, pricing options, etc…


It’s never to early to start planning for a great office holiday party, but it could be to late to get the right entertainment & location if you wait.  Make some calls, talk to other event planners from prior years at the office, see what played well and maybe surprise them with some new ideas and entertainment that might become the biggest hit yet.


Call or email me for recommendations for DJ’s in Maine & MA  after visiting my page.

Summertime as a Corporate Magician

The life of a Corporate Magician is never dull; from practicing everyday to company BBQ’s to summer festivals and fairs.   This summer I have been performing at and scheduled for many town festivals and fairs.  Yes, they are family related, but I am scheduled due to my ability and skills to wow adults as easily as I dazzle the youngsters.

A town festival in New England might be a celebration of the town and it’s heritage or a specific thing it’s known for like a lobster festival.   This summer many of my events are more heritage related so I am off pulling coins out of cell phones (a magical app) to making a card’s pip fall literally off it’s face transforming for example from a 7 of hearts to a 6 of diamonds!

Summer morning coffee is to kick start my creative juices while sitting on the porch thinking up exciting plots and then trying to figure out an engaging storyline that the corporate world will sink it’s teeth into as well.  I have been working for 2 years on 2 different concepts; one is a signature jumping routine via the storyboard of ‘Identity Theft’ and the 2nd is an egg routine via storyline of ‘Instant reviews!’  Coffee is actually a fairly big role in the egg routine (if you are in Westbrook, Maine this Aug. 30th) come and see for yourself:)

The weekends are typically when the town fairs in Maine, NH, & MA are happening and I am appearing and weeknights are often when the company picnics and BBQ’s are requesting a corporate magician to keep the event moving and hoping in a positive way.  Company picnics I am often working the lines (for food) making them more fun as cards are found in unique ways like one of our 5 senses, coins melt into thin air (thick air is harder to make them disappear into) and of course some ESP to stun the minds of the managers, owners, and CEO’s.    For more info on making your July-Sept. festivals and company BBQ’s fun visit: 

Getting ‘magical’ results is what Corporate Events are all about!

Do Corporate events differ from social events? Yes, corporate events are result driven to achieve a company’s desired goals! Those results can vary from event to event; it may be to bring attention to a new product or company. It might be to create new clients, or it can simply be to thank employees and clients. The list goes on and on.

I was recently working a company’s 20th anniversary. They were celebrating being in business for 20 years! A great achievement for any company. Their goal was to simply provide a memorable event to thank all the hard work their employees have provided to make them successful and hopefully onward to the next 20 years. My part in their goal was to be a gift everyone received! A unique thank you via magic entertainment while I was providing roaming illusions. This form allows co-workers to become part of the experience and not just watching from a far. And best of all guests could spend as much or as little time with me as they choose. To make it unforgettable I made coins appear in pockets, under cards, cards changed their spots (as a friend use to tell me) a dime appeared in a watch’s crystal! (A nod to David Harkey for that one:)

Each event is unique unto itself and goals can vary depending on their objective. For more ideas and info visit:

Corporate Events

Social events are more about pure celebrations but we will discuss that at another time.

Add Interactive Entertainment to your Office Holiday Party

The holidays are almost here and you are in charge of planning the office holiday party:) Ok, book the venue, get the caterer, and maybe a theme….but the most memorable part of the party will be the entertainment. A DJ is a good start, but that is more background music and perhaps some dancing later. What about 40% of your co-workers that don’t dance…how do you keep them at the party and happy? The solution is some interactive entertainment that keeps everyone from thinking I may not come to the party next year.

Here are some fun ideas to get employees into the mood and enjoy coming to the office holiday party.
One, how about learning a new skill like line dancing… get a good DJ that can teach the crowd how to do popular line dances from
country line dances to modern Electric Slide, Thriller, etc…

Another fun idea is a murder mystery dinner…but one where the actors are mingling and playing up their characters with you and all
the other co-workers. Then it becomes more of a game of clue trying to figure out “Who Done it!” Maybe even creating teams to solve the
mystery and award first, second, and third prizes.

And thanks to programs like America’s Got Talent…a popular theme is a mentalist/Illusionist. A show can be great, but roaming makes the
fun very interactive. Each group gets a private performance and if the corporate magician is smart different performance illusions at different
groups so when they share their amazing experiences they can get excited when they hear different groups witnessed some different illusions!!

The roaming style of magic allows the illusionist to ‘break the ice’ and connect employees that perhaps normally don’t communicate. In fact, if
requested they can transform their roaming illusions into team building moments as the illusions tie them together in unique ways; perhaps as simple
as a shared experience to illusions that require 2 or more to participate!

So what are you waiting for call some interactive entertainers before all of our availability disappears:)
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Trade Shows- POST follow up! The missing link

Hello Trade show fans & admirers,
This is the critical step which most companies need help with or skip entirely. You need to plan your follow up from your big days at the trade show exhibit. What kind of planning should this involve:
*Set aside a day or two to shift through the leads and determine if they are cold, warm, or hot. Follow up by priority.
*A pre-made follow up letter to make it efficient & quick so your sales team really follows up with warm to hot prospects.
*A way to follow up on tracking on what worked at the booth and what didn’t? Did you have a game (golf putting, spin the wheel), or a magician
at your booth during the show dates? If so, you had a way to track how many each attraction brought to your booth:)
*Another reason to know how effective a booth attraction was…is you can use it to tie in the memory of visiting your booth! i.e. “Let us make your next repair/sale/home addition (fill in the blank)… a home run!”
or perhaps having used a magician… “We want to thank so & so for stopping by to see the magic of ABC company!”
*Maybe for the hottest leads you send in the mail a promotional item to really say thank you for visiting our booth (and of course it has your logo, name, and phone number to reach your company! (Don’t use the company item that is generic it won’t help them reach you.)
*Have a 2nd follow up letter for 30 days, and maybe a 3rd for 90 days:)

It may take a year or more for warm leads to do business with you, that is why they are so important, because the sales process for bigger items
take planning, face to face relations, and follow up marketing.

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Planning for the Big Day(s) of your Trade Show- attracting attendees!

The big day is here and what have you done to plan for it’s success? How do you ensure attendees to be potentially
interested in your booth?
First, make or purchase a quality booth display, as simple as 1 or 2 pull up banners, to a more elaborate display.
Check out Affordable Displays in Maine or your own source (but I highly recommend a company someone that has been referred
as opposed to Googling it.)

If there is a theme; Going Green (is everyone working the booth in a green uniform, are the pens you are giving away a green color, etc…)
Speaking of pens, make sure you decide in advance what promotional products are best to give out to the potential clients
visiting your booth.
Visit Peter Bunker of Shads Advertising at You want to give them something useful that they will use and not
just throw away when they get back to the office.

Staffing the booth; how many will you need? Don’t forget breaks (so have someone cover you if possible). Will everyone be be
Photo-w-card pips in glasseswearing a company shirt, a certain color, in suits or more casual? Make sure everyone working the booth is a were of the coordination.

Some Do’s and Dont’s on the day of your show:
Do’s : Push the table towards the back of the wall and stand in front of your table!
Do staff your booth with employees that customers often rave about (smiles, charm, and personality are key on a long trade show day!)

Don’t’s: Do not sit behind your table as potential clients walk by!
Do not eat at your booth! (go eat for 20-minutes and take a break…it is much better than seeing someone eating at the booth.)
Do not text and talk on your phone at the booth! (You should be ready to answer any questions.)

Most important what is your strategy to get attendees to stop? A drawing, food samples, a game, perhaps a corporate magician?
Make it interactive and give people a reason to stop, having fun is more likely to attract attention from those walking by than a sterile professional PC booth. Statistics show that a corporate magician is one of the most highly rated ROI for a trade show booth. Attracting attendees in a fun interactive performance is key to getting them to stop! For more ideas on how a trade show magician might be your best investment visit: