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Corporate Training Entertainment

Magic at your next corporate training performed by Master Magician Phil Smith –

When people are learning new things, or need to remember important information, they need to do more than sit and listen.

When you are conducting employee training and development programs, you have important information that needs to be learned and remembered. When new information is delivered in an active and memorable way, individuals are two times more likely to remember it!

To Phil Smith having a magician is just about fun and entertainment. In the corporate setting, especially when he is performing for corporate training activities, Phil’s techniques enhance learning and help drive teaching points home. Magic and illusion are powerful tools that move learning from the typical two-dimensional modality of listening and reading, to a three-dimensional experience that will truly engage their memory. Consider Phil for your next training program!

  • Teamwork/Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Safety/Compliance

Abracadabra Productions programs boost employee morale, engage staff fully in the training materials, and keeps them paying attention for longer periods of time all by adding unique and creative fun to your training days.

Abracadabra Productions offers corporate training entertainment customized to your training material, that combines magic illusions, comedy, brainstorming exercises, break out sessions, and juggling into an all-out fun presentation focused on key topics. With audience interaction and participation, you can be sure your point is made and your important corporate training messages get across!

Here are a few endorsements of my work:corporate training entertainment

“Your creative presentation on Personal Protective Equipment far surpassed my expectations and exhibited an excellent blend of dedicated research with a flare of unexpected wizardry.”
—Pike Industries

“The blending of magic with current issues allows people to learn and retain key points, all in an upbeat environment.”
—David Stearns, President Dale Carnegie Trainings of Maine

“I am forwarding a copy of our ‘Nothing Up Our Sleeves’ promotion to our other in-store branches in hopes that they all take advantage of incorporating such an entertaining and talented magician into their sales focus.”
—Peoples Bank

“I especially enjoyed how you integrate your presentations into meaningful instructions on Personal Protective Equipment.”

—Blue Rock Industries

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