Maine magician

Getting ‘magical’ results is what Corporate Events are all about!

Do Corporate events differ from social events? Yes, corporate events are result driven to achieve a company’s desired goals! Those results can vary from event to event; it may be to bring attention to a new product or company. It might be to create new clients, or it can simply be to thank employees and clients. The list goes on and on.

I was recently working a company’s 20th anniversary. They were celebrating being in business for 20 years! A great achievement for any company. Their goal was to simply provide a memorable event to thank all the hard work their employees have provided to make them successful and hopefully onward to the next 20 years. My part in their goal was to be a gift everyone received! A unique thank you via magic entertainment while I was providing roaming illusions. This form allows co-workers to become part of the experience and not just watching from a far. And best of all guests could spend as much or as little time with me as they choose. To make it unforgettable I made coins appear in pockets, under cards, cards changed their spots (as a friend use to tell me) a dime appeared in a watch’s crystal! (A nod to David Harkey for that one:)

Each event is unique unto itself and goals can vary depending on their objective. For more ideas and info visit:

Corporate Events

Social events are more about pure celebrations but we will discuss that at another time.