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Improving yourself via Practice !

How do we get better in anything we do?   Practice… and if that is the answer then more practice equals better results.   Of course, how and what you practice in your field of interest makes all the difference in your results too!    And we should compare ourselves from where we start to where we currently are on our journey of practice.   In magic, the golden rules are Practice, Practice, and more Practice!  As a magician I practice the secret moves so they stay secret!  So they become second nature and I can focus on connecting with my audience.  How long should you work on your craft/hobby?   Different techniques require shorter or longer time commitments to achieve OK, good, or great results.

Different venues/audiences means different practice techniques:)    For an office holiday party, I am working on advanced sleight-of-hand to wow everyone from the CEO to the employees.   For a trade show, the practice is more about marrying their message to the illusions so they become a sales presentation.

Musicians practice keys, strings, horns, etc… for many many hours so the melody is pleasant.   Artists learn to trust their hands to capture what their eyes and minds see.   The recent Olympians practiced for years to take time off their race, event or to score!  Can you imagine working so diligently for months and years to just take a second or two off your time.  That can be the difference from Gold and not qualifying for an event.   Put the time in you desire, have time for , or need depending on the outcome you desire.

Next week I will talk about how to make practicing more enjoyable:)

Magically yours,

Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions, Corporate Magician

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