Maine magician

Maine Magician

What do skill, charm & an energetic performer =  it all adds up to Maine’s engaging magician, PHIL SMITH with jaw dropping illusions combined with comical moments which include your coworkers, clients, or the guest of honor!

Imagine a sea of booths and most are quiet with little to no action, but you look over and 1 booth is filled with people laughing, clapping, and exchanging their business cards… you’ve just experienced the power of Phil Smith working a company’s trade show booth! What potential clients might see are illusions like a card fusing onto a picture in 2-D, bills transforming denomination, objects traveling to a prospect’s hands!   What the company sees is their message delivered in a unique way that visually highlights their key message! And tons of leads!

Grand Openings are all about making a splash to attract customers and make them want to come back again and again, Phil has worked Openings for Hannaford’s, Shaw’s, Dunkin Donuts, Big Apple stores, to Westbrook’s Cinegmagic where Phil customized an illusion of a signed card to appear in a film canister.

Large events (sports, festivals, public performances) all need something fun and interactive to entertain, engage, and/or help promote a product or company.  Phil has promoted Lancôme products at the Maine Mall, wowed 5,000 soccer  players at Deering Oaks park (during championship playoffs), added an element of fun for Portland Sea Dog fans both in the stands and VIP booths, to working the lines at the Civic Center (now Cross Insurance Arena) for the Portland Pirates.  At the LaKermesse (Franco/American Festival) attendees throughout the fairgrounds while waiting for games, food, or table to table witnessed up-close magical surprises.

Years of theatrical and illusionary arts experience to his credit, and a background in psychology set Phil Smith apart from the ordinary ‘pull it from the hat’ magician. Phil believes that children can view everything in the world as magic, and they thrive on imagination.  Phil’s job is to help everyone have that feeling of wonder and enthusiasm, creating life long memories with jaw-dropping tricks at birthdays, schools, restaurants, and sporting events.  Or make ‘stress’ disappear for corporate audiences or improve employee morale.

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"Successfully delivered our message…and totally amazing!"
United Insurance

"Not sure if we’re more in awe of the magic or the outcome!"
Absolute health Chiropractic

"Phil drew a large crowd of brides to our booth consistently!"
Harmon’s & Barton’s

"Phil’s Magic captivates audiences of all ages, and his energetic personality was a great addition to our event!"
LLBean, Inc., Freeport

"We still consistently received numerous compliments on your skill, personality; at each holiday function you join us!"
Portland Marriott, Sable Oaks

"He wowed our audience!" 
Maine Asphalt Pavement Association

"Laughter giggles and wows all around during the show put on for our K-4 students." 
Canal School, Westbrook

"Phil you were amazing!!! Her face when the bunny came out was simply amazing!"
Heather R. Mom