Maine magician

Planning for the Big Day(s) of your Trade Show- attracting attendees!

The big day is here and what have you done to plan for it’s success? How do you ensure attendees to be potentially
interested in your booth?
First, make or purchase a quality booth display, as simple as 1 or 2 pull up banners, to a more elaborate display.
Check out Affordable Displays in Maine or your own source (but I highly recommend a company someone that has been referred
as opposed to Googling it.)

If there is a theme; Going Green (is everyone working the booth in a green uniform, are the pens you are giving away a green color, etc…)
Speaking of pens, make sure you decide in advance what promotional products are best to give out to the potential clients
visiting your booth.
Visit Peter Bunker of Shads Advertising at You want to give them something useful that they will use and not
just throw away when they get back to the office.

Staffing the booth; how many will you need? Don’t forget breaks (so have someone cover you if possible). Will everyone be be
Photo-w-card pips in glasseswearing a company shirt, a certain color, in suits or more casual? Make sure everyone working the booth is a were of the coordination.

Some Do’s and Dont’s on the day of your show:
Do’s : Push the table towards the back of the wall and stand in front of your table!
Do staff your booth with employees that customers often rave about (smiles, charm, and personality are key on a long trade show day!)

Don’t’s: Do not sit behind your table as potential clients walk by!
Do not eat at your booth! (go eat for 20-minutes and take a break…it is much better than seeing someone eating at the booth.)
Do not text and talk on your phone at the booth! (You should be ready to answer any questions.)

Most important what is your strategy to get attendees to stop? A drawing, food samples, a game, perhaps a corporate magician?
Make it interactive and give people a reason to stop, having fun is more likely to attract attention from those walking by than a sterile professional PC booth. Statistics show that a corporate magician is one of the most highly rated ROI for a trade show booth. Attracting attendees in a fun interactive performance is key to getting them to stop! For more ideas on how a trade show magician might be your best investment visit: