Maine magician

Summertime as a Corporate Magician

The life of a Corporate Magician is never dull; from practicing everyday to company BBQ’s to summer festivals and fairs.   This summer I have been performing at and scheduled for many town festivals and fairs.  Yes, they are family related, but I am scheduled due to my ability and skills to wow adults as easily as I dazzle the youngsters.

A town festival in New England might be a celebration of the town and it’s heritage or a specific thing it’s known for like a lobster festival.   This summer many of my events are more heritage related so I am off pulling coins out of cell phones (a magical app) to making a card’s pip fall literally off it’s face transforming for example from a 7 of hearts to a 6 of diamonds!

Summer morning coffee is to kick start my creative juices while sitting on the porch thinking up exciting plots and then trying to figure out an engaging storyline that the corporate world will sink it’s teeth into as well.  I have been working for 2 years on 2 different concepts; one is a signature jumping routine via the storyboard of ‘Identity Theft’ and the 2nd is an egg routine via storyline of ‘Instant reviews!’  Coffee is actually a fairly big role in the egg routine (if you are in Westbrook, Maine this Aug. 30th) come and see for yourself:)

The weekends are typically when the town fairs in Maine, NH, & MA are happening and I am appearing and weeknights are often when the company picnics and BBQ’s are requesting a corporate magician to keep the event moving and hoping in a positive way.  Company picnics I am often working the lines (for food) making them more fun as cards are found in unique ways like one of our 5 senses, coins melt into thin air (thick air is harder to make them disappear into) and of course some ESP to stun the minds of the managers, owners, and CEO’s.    For more info on making your July-Sept. festivals and company BBQ’s fun visit: