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Trade Show Booth Ideas

trade show booth ideas

Want more trade show traffic? Phil Smith is your answer for getting trade show results when you want to do more than just exhibit – You want to STAND OUT! 

“Phil, you helped create interested potential clients…Now that’s magic!”
—AquaMax of Maine

Magic vs other booth attractions  
Booth Babes, Push Girls and Putting-Greens all work to get people to a booth, but do they remember what you are trying to sell or provide?  Almost always NO!
Positive results come when your trade show booth ideas incorporate an attraction that draws prospects and clients, and help you track where your results come from. A magician can attract and hold the attention of prospects so your sales team can strike up a conversation, scan their badge, or impress the contact.

“Going out to other booths with my company as the theme was ingenious!”
—BNI of Northern New England

Magic can excite your audience on key selling points and introduce new products with flair because it’s all part of the show! Think about it – an elevator speech or trying to stuff promotional products into bags as people run by your booth is ineffective. Magic DRAWS potential clients to your booth and holds their interest.  No more chasing!  And, the integration of entertainment and information about your products will stay in people’s minds for a long time. You don’t think so? Finish this, “My bologna has a first name it’s…”  You got the rest, didn’t you?  Why is that? Because it is fun and memorable, just like your trade show booth when you hire Phil Smith!

“You continually created a ‘stir’ around our booth…I was ready to offer you a sales position.”
—Dale Carnegie of Maine

The cost of exhibiting
There are many costs associated with Trade Show marketing – the entrance fee, booth display, equipment, set up fees, staffing…and none of these guarantee results, traffic, or buzz around your brand! Protect your investment by hiring Phil Smith as your trade show magician.

What to expect with Phil Smith at your booth
Driving traffic to designated area to have their badges scanned in an entertaining way, collecting business cards for your campaign follow up strategy, attracting more leads – all things magic can accomplish!  Clients report they have 20% more contacts than past years at same shows! Phil Smith gives your sales team more opportunities for face-to-face interaction with potential clients.

  • Experience – 30 years and more than 70 trade shows for industries of all types
  • Personality
  • Fun & Humor
  • Bottom Line Results!

No matter what you sell – product or services- Phil Smith can help you sell more!

“Sales and business inquiries were increased!”
—Dunlap Cabling, Inc

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Trade Show Booth Ideas That Help Get Traffic