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Trade show planning for success!

Trade shows are a part of your marketing, correct? The same or more effort is needed to achieve success at the shows you attend and exhibit at.
3 steps are needed to assure success; pre-planning, the day of the show, and post marketing.

Each step needs due attention to create good returns on your investment. Today I will talk about pre-planning. Some of the marketing strategies
your want to consider and budget for our a good printer (check out Ed Symbol of Full Court Press). From banners, flags, to creative custom made business cards for that show (perhaps a special discount or offer when they bring that card in.) A good trade show booth display (see affordable exhibits).

Now the details; will you have a theme to your booth? Is there one for the show you are attending? i.e. if it’s sports related have some Red Sox baseball caps, Celtics Basketball, etc.. maybe wearing sports attire. Then will you have a a sign up list? Getting people to sign up or drop their business card in takes some creative touches. If you are running with the sports theme maybe the winner wins a signed basketball, baseball,
or tee shirt from one of the sports teams:)

Don’t forget to send a flyer to companies you would like to do business with. Send those out a week in advance and then if you have their e-mail a follow up e-mail telling them what booth you’re at. Give them a reason to stop by your booth; mentioned the autographed sports item, or send them a key that might open up a treasure chest filled with bills! Be creative.

Your Ace in the hole for Trade Shows !

Your Ace in the hole for Trade Shows !

The more you plan the more likely you are to have a successful show. But Planning is just a part of the battle. Stay tuned for our other
2 important steps to trade show success.

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