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Trade Shows- POST follow up! The missing link

Hello Trade show fans & admirers,
This is the critical step which most companies need help with or skip entirely. You need to plan your follow up from your big days at the trade show exhibit. What kind of planning should this involve:
*Set aside a day or two to shift through the leads and determine if they are cold, warm, or hot. Follow up by priority.
*A pre-made follow up letter to make it efficient & quick so your sales team really follows up with warm to hot prospects.
*A way to follow up on tracking on what worked at the booth and what didn’t? Did you have a game (golf putting, spin the wheel), or a magician
at your booth during the show dates? If so, you had a way to track how many each attraction brought to your booth:)
*Another reason to know how effective a booth attraction was…is you can use it to tie in the memory of visiting your booth! i.e. “Let us make your next repair/sale/home addition (fill in the blank)… a home run!”
or perhaps having used a magician… “We want to thank so & so for stopping by to see the magic of ABC company!”
*Maybe for the hottest leads you send in the mail a promotional item to really say thank you for visiting our booth (and of course it has your logo, name, and phone number to reach your company! (Don’t use the company item that is generic it won’t help them reach you.)
*Have a 2nd follow up letter for 30 days, and maybe a 3rd for 90 days:)

It may take a year or more for warm leads to do business with you, that is why they are so important, because the sales process for bigger items
take planning, face to face relations, and follow up marketing.

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