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Unique Trade Show Swag for your upcoming shows!

So you want potential clients to visit your booth?   One of the things we all expect to pick up at a trade show, SWAG (promotional products.)   Products with your company logo & contact info so clients can remember you and reach back out when the need is there.  ”  For the Swag of it.”  The more unique and interesting (and useable) the more likely it will be in hot commodity at that show.

Next find a fun and or exciting way to introduce those new swags; like a trade show magician!   When I work shows I always find out what they will be giving away so I can incorporate it into the performances!  That way it’s a one-two punch.   Not just a cool item, but more memorable because their memory of the company (and swag) it now tied to me delivering it in an exciting way!

Some examples of swag I have incorporated are a key fob which is blank on the back side and I magically make a selected card’s image appear on that back side that the audience thought of during an illusion.   Another time, I was promoting a bank and they had a mini glass pig key chain and I produced money out of this tiny pig (it’s a piggy bank.)  Magically splitting pens to give to multiple clients is another fun way I utilize a common item and help make it more memorable!  Mouse pads have magically rolled out to start a performance.  At the Legal Tech show doeLegal’s mouse pads are a huge hit as well as lit up pens/pins and coffee mugs.

Make sure you purchase enough items for the potential number of attendees that you hope to attract to your booth.   A good idea is to have a couple items; some for the average client and then something a little better for hot prospects to really show them they are important to you and your company.

For more info and ideas on using swag in unique and magical ways visit:

Trade show magician

Photo shoot of Portland magician Phill Smith performing magic at a chiropractor’s booth at a home remodeling trade show at the Civic Center in Portland.

Trade Show Magician