Maine magician

Unique Twists on your Office Holiday Party

Wow, it’s that time already… time to plan the office holiday party. You need a location (your own location, hotel/banquet facility),
food, and what do you do to make it fun, exciting, and memorable?

Hire a corporate magician to work the room! Roaming/Strolling Miracles creates the experience of being in the show! The illusions happen right under your co-worker’s noses and in their hands!! The roaming magician should be able to include special requests.. make gift certificates, or money appear in fun ways for the employees or make a drink ticket appear at the oyster bar your party is enjoying.

What about after you eat dinner? What not everyone is into problem have a corporate magician engage the entire room with illusions,
comedy, and other surprises! Sawing the boss in half is often a highlight.

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