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How to work a Trade Show booth

Exhibiting at a show is more than just paying your exhibitor’s fees and showing up. I recommend posing the dates in the office to avoid any schedule conflicts with vacations, meetings, a 2nd trade show at the same time, etc…

Schedule your best sales staff to work the booth. You want employees who have energy, are charming/friendly, and out going. Have everyone know your dress code. Will it be uniforms with logos embroidered on shirts, dress causal, or suit & ties and business professional for the women. Perhaps even a certain color theme in clothing. Often, a company will make sure I have the embroidered shirt under my jacket so I fit in with the team. Discussing your plans; like potential clients you might be focusing on make sure everyone knows who those people are!

If you have several employees attending and working the booth. Set up a schedule so some will work the trade show floor and visit booths of potential partners. Don’t forget to rotate walking the floor and working the booth to refresh the staff’s energy.

Trade Show Magician

While working the booth, push the table back to the wall (just for displaying literature, promotional items, etc..) Work in front of the table so the table doesn’t become a barrier to communicating with interested parties. Do not eat in the booth (even if you are alone.) If you are working the booth alone post a sign saying something like “Back in 20-minutes.” It’s much more professional than a customer walking up to a salesperson stuffing their face.

It’s all common sense, but planning for success will create better results at your next trade show.
Call me for ideas, to be your secret magical salesman at your next trade show.