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Trade Show Magician

Hire a Professional Corporate Magician for your next Trade Show Event!

How would you like to hear 25 people chanting YOUR company’s name on the Tradeshow floor?! 

Don’t let potential customers pass you by at your next trade show event! You need to build traffic to your booth, and then your need to capture their attention long enough to stay and learn more about you. When prospects are engaged they will remain at a booth longer, and remember that company better. When prospects are engaged they will remain at a booth longer, and remember that company better –  don’t you want that company to be yours?!

Utilizing the skills of a great Corporate Magician like Phil Smith will create the buzz you need, get people paying attention to you, and deliver your key marketing message so they remember your company. Magic conjures up just what you are looking for!

Magician Phil Smith does more than entertain the crowd. He makes sure he understands your business so he can weave your key marketing messages into his tricks and illusions to visually illustrate your brand. Don’t stop at simple entertainment or ordinary giveaways, people are bored with videos and “pretty face” marketing. Make your booth unique! A live performance that impresses your company marque, without harassing people, is the perfect answer for Impression Marketing. It will be no sleight of hand when your prospects remember YOUR booth and pull out your card to call!

trade show magician

Let Abracadabra/Phil work his trade show magic for you:

  • Create a buzz
  • Draw a crowd
  • Engage the audience
  • Keep people longer at your booth
  • Deliver your company’s marketing message
  • Visually illustrate your brand
  • Capture leads

Tradeshow Testimonials

At your next trade show or conference make an impression, get attention fast, and make sure people remember something about you – be “that booth that had the great magician”!

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