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Trade Shows- preshow marketing

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: January 5, 2023

So you have scheduled your booth and are preparing for exhibiting…what do you do?

You need to brainstorm and plan your Pre-show marketing!

Pre-show marketing is very important in connecting with new potential clients and reminding current clients what you are up to and how you can continue to help them.

Is there going to be a theme? That might be a future blog all on theming your booth, but for now let’s assume there is not.

What are some of the creative ways you can make your clients know what location you will be at the show so they can find your and even better get them to seek you out!

4 weeks before the show- An email is just one of the less important ways to announce your exhibit, because that is what every other company will be doing and you will not stand out, and it’s quickly deleted.

Remember those promotional products you’ve bought for the show? 2 or 3 weeks before the show mail one tying it into your company’s messages. For example, if you are trying to recruit new talent…a magnet that says, “we are looking to ‘attract’ new talented individuals.

A post card mailed out a week before the show with your booth # so they can easily locate you. Post cards have a way of hanging around the office, especially if there is a cool image/photo relating to the show they will be attending (like come see our trade show magician!)

1 day before- Maybe one last email to your top 10 prospects/repeat clients telling them about how you look forward to seeing them at your booth.

Make a multi-step marketing plan and follow it for improved results in 2023.

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