Holiday Parties

Make your holiday office party Magical!

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: August 15, 2023

I know you’re thinking it’s only August (and Phil’s talking about the holiday party…I’m a mentalist, I knew you are thinking this:;) but the holidays are just around the corner. This is the perfect time once you’ve locked in the date and location to reach out for fun and dynamic entertainment!

You might not have been thinking about a magician, but a DJ or band (but don’t forget to add something fun to the cocktail hour(s)…that’s where a corporate magician roaming/strolling can be a huge hit amongst your coworkers! Imagine as coworkers and families enter the party and rather than that ackward silence till someone comes up and sits with you or is getting a drink at the same time; a corporate mentalist/magician engages several of you with some illusions of the mind. Or guesses what drink you are going to order, now the fun begins.

Of course, some companies want a comedy magician to be the focus of their entertainment for the party and that’s where a SHOW can engage all of your coworkers and you into one fun experience that everyone is talking about for months afterwards. Maybe the CEO’s mind is read or even better he reads the audience’s mind and he/she is the star! What about performances that bring up your fellow employees this is where the fun can really level up as personalities add to the magic and fun!

This holiday add some magic and mentalism to your office party and really leave your coworkers thrilled with the entertainment!

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