Grand Openings

Grand Openings- make them fun and memorable!

Posted by: Phil Smith|| Posted on: August 18, 2020

Planning to open a new store, branch, or facility and you want to make it memorable? Using entertainment at your Grand Opening will give people a reason to visit (especially if they don’t know you yet!) Entertainment can liven up the festivities and can be structured based on your clientele.

Will your store, branch, etc… be focusing on families? Then a balloon artist, a DJ, magician, are all good choices that can be geared to age-appropriate entertainment. Balloon artist like Party Palooga in Maine can craft balloons of all shapes and sizes and sometimes even a balloon or two that ties in with your company. When I work family-related Grand Openings; like Kmart, Dunkin Donuts, etc… my illusions are fun, like-hearted, and quick so quests can also enjoy the free giveaways, etc… that the location might be offering.

Now, grand openings that are more business oriented might want a jazz trio, or my DJ friend Corey Smith of Direct Effect Entertainment Productions can liven up the atmosphere with music in the background. And Corey can act as an MC if needed. A corporate magician is another perfect addition to your grand opening to add a sophisticated ‘wow’ factor to the fun! When I do Open Houses like for a Massachusetts company of environmental engineers their clients are more laid back, taking their time to ask questions, and I was an ice-breaker, and added an enticing reason to stop in and visit their facility. At Grand Openings/Open Houses I use the company name as the magic words (more P.R….nowadays called impressions.)

I like to incorporate one of their items in the performances (i.e. for Dunkin Donuts I made the Dunkin Munchkins appear magically!) For banks and credit unions money illusions always are a great way to visually tie in the company to the audience/prospects.

When planning a grand opening don’t forget to make it fun, engaging, and entertaining! Magic anyone:)