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The New norm for 2021 in Corporate entertainment

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: March 8, 2021

What will entertainment look like in the summer of 2021? If Covid 19 vaccine has been widely distributed will that increase the likelihood of more in person performances? Or will many companies still want to play it safe for a while longer with virtual events, meetings, and socials?

I believe we will see a hybrid of both live and virtual performances as the vaccine gets mass distributed and with warmer weather people will want outdoor events (which are safer than indoor events.)

What will those in person outdoor events look like? I know I have some larger outdoor events that are planning to schedule groups of 50 (smaller groups for safety guidelines) and multiple performances. This is a very good solution to still adding a WOW factor to their event while keeping to the safety protocols and 6 feet apart.

How will this effect different entertainment industries? Music concerts; outdoors in ball parks and open spaces could happen and my guess would be markings of 6 ft. to keep attendees safe. Variety performers like jugglers, comedians, & magicians may have a roped off stage where the show is contactless. Or depending on comfort levels maybe just masked and hand sanitizers. As of now most of these are guesses, but talking with event planners, other entertainers, these are some of the same set ups we are planning to keep our audiences safe and still have opportunities to create fun events for companies all over the country and the entire world.

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