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Trade Shows in 2021… the Magic is in the Marketing

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: January 28, 2021

Many trade shows have adapted to Covid challenges and have been showcasing virtually in 2020 which is great for those that have pivoted in this new direction. Attracting attendees, exhibitors, and speakers is an important part of running a successful industry show. However, exhibitors have their own challenges of attracting attendees and potential client’s to their exhibit booth. Companies that create a marketing strategy for each show they exhibit at or set up a theme for their entire year with a marketing plan tend to succeed where others fail.

Marketing 101 is getting noticed by your potential clients. This is the time to get creative and provide interactive demonstrations, entertainment and games, are often some of the best attended booths! The smell of popcorn at a booth, or samples of excellent food might be some of the attraction ideas for a wedding event center. Also, having swag (promotional items to give to clients) is a plus and also speaking to promotional experts like Gwen Hall of Logo Owl can help companies choose items that will be cherished and taken back to the office or even home. Gwen can help companies have a consistent look for the booth too via embroidery like shirts, jackets, caps. Maine Promotional Products | Custom Apparel (

Effective marketing that gets potential clients to stop and learn about your booth include corporate magicians; which statistically are at the top of the list! Corporate Magicians can weave a company’s message into the illusions and provide something out of the ordinary compared to most booths. When I am working a company’s booth at a show I will often find out in advance what promotional items are being given away as swag and I try to incorporate one or several of the items into the performances. For example, when I was working as a Data Scientist for Emarsys in Chicago at the R.I.C.E. show they had some coupons printed out that while I was working in the aisles I made appear while mentioning, “We are going to make 10% disappear from our services if you stop by the booth and sign up with us.”

In 2021 and beyond, remember to be creative and add something interactive to your booth to attract potential buyers!

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