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Work and Children

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: September 7, 2021

Connecting with your kids

One of the biggest challenges of today’s time-pressed parents is having quality time with their kids. Fostering a true connection with kids doesn’t always have to mean scaling back your work hours or stepping off the career fast track. Try these suggestions to stay connected with your family:

Hold weekly family meetings. Use them to schedule everyone’s activities for the week, from school meetings and athletic events to fun family outings. Give your kids a say on decisions; it makes them feel an integral part of the family.

Share their interests. Yes, that means enduring their rap music on the family-room stereo. Get them subscriptions to magazines associated with their hobbies or activities, and commit to reading at least one kid-related article each month to stay abreast of their world.

Share your work with them. Bring them to your workplace. Show them what you do and how your work relates to the entire organization. When you have a particular success at work, celebrate it with your family.

Brag about them to co-workers. When you speak well of your kids to friends and co-workers, you help strengthen your connection to them.

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