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Top 5 tips from your Corporate Magician for your company summer event.

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: March 31, 2023

It’s April 1st tomorrow (April Fool’s Day) and planning ahead is no joke!

Tip #1- is plan ahead; it’s more than just who is going to run the grill or is this a catered BBQ? You need to research for the best fits for your company summer picnic/BBQ/Cruise. What kind of event is this? Is it an employee appreciation/ or a client appreciation. They both have a different focus and feel to them. If it’s an employee BBQ you want to appreciate their hard work and recognize people are willing to jump ship if they aren’t happy (more than ever!) So maybe you want to go all out with a live band, roaming corporate magician, and fireworks. If this is employee run who is handling the grill(s), picking up the hotdogs and burgers, etc…?

Tip #2- Make it memorable… are you going to wow them with ok food or great food? Delicious Thymes and Black tie Catering both do high end catering which will delight your employees or clients! Is the food the focus? Again it may depend on your goals; fun and thanking them or wooing clients?

Tip #3- Hire interactive entertainment to engage your guests. A corporate magician can roam throughout the campgrounds/building grounds, etc… and interact with your staff, guests, and clients to make it unforgettable! They will be talking about the magician at the water cooler on next business day and weeks later!

Tip #4- Make clean up simple. If you have it catered they will take care of the food, plates, napkins, table clean up. If it’s employee run, ask everyone to clean their table. (Many hands make less work.) Have trash bins close by in different locations to make clean up easier.

Tip #5- Make it FUN! A Dj, outing at Portland Sea Dogs, a magician all go a long long way to helping your company make this FUN! And employees and clients will remember the fun time they had at your summer BBQ/picnic/lobster bake!

For more tips and ideas visit my site :www.corporatemagician.com