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Virtual Entertainment in a business world

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: January 18, 2021

It’s 2021 Yay!  How did you like my trick of making 2020 disappear:)    We do not know how long till things go back to normal (or the new normal)?    For a while zoom, google meets, etc.… are here to keep us working and communicating together.   

The challenge is making the meetings interesting again over the IT platforms; virtual entertainment/customized education is a terrific way to spice up a ho hum zoom meeting.  Employees need to have some fun again, and entertainment has always been a great avenue for destressing people!

There are more virtual meetings than meetings in a regular office setting to keep in touch and keep up with what is going on in the culture of the company and how individuals are accomplishing their workload.   The challenges are of course the interruptions of constantly going to meetings which breaks co-workers out of their rhythm on projects.   Often companies here “Oh No, not another meeting.”

That is where virtual magic performances have helped companies bring some life and fun back into a zoom meeting; they are a welcome break and engages and brings co-workers together to enjoy an experience together (teamwork!)  

A magic virtual show can even customize the presentation to a business theme so it is a combination of educational and entertainment!  However, it can be a nice diversion from the standard weekly, monthly break down of numbers and projects and interject fun into the workplace.  Think of it as a ‘magical’ coffee break time! 

At what times and events are appropriate for a company think about adding some virtual entertainment?

*Social Hours (virtual) a perfect time

*Meetings (weekly, monthly, or quarterly)

*Conferences (a fun way to engage attendees into a shared experience!)

*Team building exercises.

*Coffee Breaks (just to inject some fun and energy)

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