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Grand Openings

Grand Openings- marketing to the community

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: August 14, 2023

Is your store/organization opening a new store/branch in a new location? Then a Grand Opening/or re-grand opening is a terrific way to bring attention to your new location or perhaps changes you have made to an existing store.

Drawing attention to a business is a necessity to let the community and your potential customers/clients know about your location and what you offer. How do you go about this to gain the most visibility you can? Start by planning who you want to reach, and when you want to announce to everyone about your business or organization’s new location.

It might be as much as a year in advance if your a big supermarket/bank/ or department store or as little as a couple months. Either way, make the most of getting the word out. You can advertise, via tv and/or radio ads, but if your on a tighter budget social media can draw attention to the community you will be opening your new store/branch in.

I highly recommend getting some promotional products that have your logo, business name, and a contact info on them. You should get creative or hire someone to help create a message and choose an item that makes sense for your business and will be used and seen by your potential customers on a regular basis!

Examples could be if your a bank one of the more interesting promotional items I’ve seen was a see-thru plastic piggy bank. A great way to save in front of customer as they teach their children about saving money or perhaps it’s used as a small vacation savings and you put it in that bank when so many bills fill it up. Either way, the bank created something that made sense for them and people would use on a regular basis seeing their name and logo and then probably taking savings to that bank as well!! Brilliant!

On the day of if it’s in the budget, hiring entertainment is a wonderful way to add to the fun and help draw business people (if ribbon cutting ceremony) or families if it’s a open to the public. A corporate magician can help entertain many people at the same time or individual mini performances while roaming and using the promotional products in the performances. And when I do a grand opening I promote the store/branch via social media to my fans and friends adding to their reach.

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