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The Future of Trade Shows

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: September 22, 2020

Trade shows have been one of the absolute best marketing solutions to introducing new products, meeting the CEO’s/owners of companies, learning about several options for challenges your industry can benefit from for productivity, technology, and future innovation.

When Covid19 hit the world, we have had to close large events which trade shows fall into and its impact on business has been felt.   Where do trade shows go from here?   Trade Shows will bounce back like all large corporate events; but it will take some time.  In the meantime, the trade show industry will have to adapt for the next 6-months or longer.  

Some trade shows are already planning virtual trade show solutions; the challenges are not having that face to face time which is one of the most valuable assets of trade shows!  Face to face may now by a zoom meeting to learn and discuss a company’s benefits and how they can solve your problem.    Companies will need to become even more creative while these challenges continue.  How does a company get their message out to interested potential clients?   

Future of Trade Shows

Maybe a little magic is a perfect solution even via video conferencing/zoom meetings to ‘break the ice’ and deliver a key message in a stimulating way!   I know when I first worked with Emarsys (C to B ) they had me work their messages into several illusions to introduce their solutions to large companies like Starbucks, Amazon, etc.… while creating a character/image of a data scientists including a lab coat .    I did 3 trade shows for a Maine based company in Computer technology with a similar twist to visually show how they can protect companies from such nasty computer villains like Ransom ware!   My point is putting a creative spin in these virtual trade shows is just as important as in live shows!!

Companies need to reach their audience and one of the most effective ways is via entertainment; a corporate magician, juggler, comedian, etc.…  Give your potential clients a reason to not jump to a different competitor’s screen during a virtual trade show.

Your prospects have just quickly scrolled through hundreds of online booths with same old/same old brochures, discussions of how they can help, sign up for a discount, it all sounds the same.

 Now, Imagine your potential client tuning into your virtual booth and more than just a pretty booth image with lots of talking about your services they see a person making a $1 bill change into $100 bill talking about how they company will help increase their bottom line with their product/service.

Even during Covid19 and virtual trade shows don’t forget to give your potential new clients a reason to remember you and more importantly stop and consider your company as the option that solves their needs!   A little magic can open doors and maybe make clients appear with just a wave of the wand.

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