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15 seconds is the magic number

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: April 5, 2021

Imagine, you see a large group of attendees that have just left a featured speaker and now they are coming down the aisles (your booth’s aisle.) You have all your materials out, promotional items to take, and you are smiling. YOU ARE SMILING right?:) But the attendees just walk right buy your exhibit booth. What did you do wrong? Maybe nothing, you think. You only had 15 seconds or less to gain their interest! You need a way to attract them to your booth… What would you do?

Some things that can attract an attendee’s eye/mind are food samples, coffee, popcorn…but one of the most effective ways is a trade show magician! A trade show magician can engage potential clients, hold their attention with exciting magic that can (and in my opinion should) include a key sales message of the company they are promoting until a sales team member can take over and answer important questions.

One of the many ways I have gained attention for clients is an illusion with steel rings that capture the potential clients imagination (via visual and auditory tactics) including a dose of humor to the mix to increase the attraction factor! Another example is I ask 2 or more attendees as they are walking by the company I am promoting if they have seen the world’s fastest illusion? Then I bring out 2 odd looking round objects (which is intriguing due to the uniqueness) and proceed to wow them with some magic. My fun personality, humor, and positive energy all gain the attention of those walking by… and then I pull in 4 or more potential clients to help with a bigger audience illusion. Another way to gain their attention is a short time is using a costume that is tied into the booth’s theme which can enhance attendees attention; in the R.I.C.E. trade show in Chicago I was a company’s data scientist (I wore a scientist lab coat). It’s all about being creative and a trade show magician is unique, exciting, and different from the other hundreds of booths that are all giving away pens. Who doesn’t want to have fun? And a trade show magician is fun.

At your upcoming shows, do something that counts… something that will grab your next big client’s attention at your booth. Hire a trade show magician and make those 15 seconds count!! For more trade show ideas visit: