Holiday Parties

Adding the FUN to holiday parties!

Posted by: Phil Smith|| Posted on: August 18, 2020

The year is coming to an end and it’s been a tough but productive year.   You are thinking about rewarding the employees with a Christmas/holiday office party. Now it’s time to add the FUN!   Find a location that works for your company whether that is on site (lunch party) or off site at a hotel, banquet facility, or restaurant.  Lot’s of great choices abound to find what works for budgets, timing, etc…

Most important is making the holiday office party fun!  Some fun ideas to increase attendance might include live entertainment; DJ’s they can really put co-workers in the mood with upbeat or holiday songs.  If the company is big enough and budgets allow a band can be a great way to celebrate the fun.  Interactive FUN might include a corporate magician to work the cocktail/social hour(s) or a show after the meal!

Other fun ideas to add some variety might look like passed hors d’oeuvres, food stations (like different foods from several different countries could really add to the festivities.)   A Bartender who can do the Tom Cruise cocktail bar juggling and create festive martinis for the occasion.  Interactive Gift swaps like a yankee swap where co-workers get to wrap a gift and then via number system watch as gifts are opened, exchanged, swapped hence the name, etc…

Do you want your co-workers to socialize or relax and sit back and let pros do all the fun and work for them?   Pro chefs cooking up the tasty fun bites and then cleaning up.  Or live entertainment that provides the fun via comedy, magic, music, etc… Or if budgets allow a combo of both will give everyone a little fun to provide a variety of FUN. And at a office holiday party FUN is the name of the game.