Holiday Parties

Transforming holiday parties from good to GREAT!

Posted by: Phil Smith|| Posted on: August 18, 2020

Your company holiday party is fast approaching and you are on the team to make this year the party everyone wants to attend. How do you do that? You start the planning early. You say, “But it’s only August”…guess what that is the perfect time to line up the venue (especially, if you are not having it right at the company’s facility.)

Decorations can really liven up the atmosphere and create a fun entrance to the company holiday party. A balloon rainbow as coworkers enter the party is a great way to kick it off. If you want to have more hands on then go to a party store and pick up decorations and get other employees to help decorate the party.

Maybe a themed party to get coworkers into the festive mood; James Bond, the North Pole, ugly sweaters, etc… to get people looking at their wardrobe/or the chance to go shopping to have fun at the party.

Prizes- donated by the company, maybe even surrounding restaurants might give coupons, etc.. that you can pick from Santa’s hat. Get a head count of how many plan on joining the company party.

Food- you need that head count to make sure there is enough food for all your employees and guests. Also, if it’s a restaurant they need to plan for items you might need to pre-order.

Drinks- Adult beverages- is this an open bar? Or do you offer 1 or 2 drink tickets per employee to keep liability down and safety up!!! This is one of the best solutions I have seen because it’s a win/win.

Last, make sure you hire your professional entertainment early too. Nothing kicks a company’s holiday party off into high gear like a roaming illusionist! Or if budgets allow a DJ for music/dancing and even an illusionist/Comedian to perform after dinner.