Corporate Trainings

The ‘Magic’ of corporate trainings!

Posted by: Phil Smith|| Posted on: August 18, 2020

Companies offer trainings for different reasons; it might be for compliance reasons, educational, or often motivational! The reasons are all important and valid to organize and plan to create results. WHY NOT MAKE THOSE RESULTS MAGICAL!

Often if you tie it into some kind of educational/motivational training then on top of the results and hopeful changes that happen throughout the organization you can also write them off via your company taxes.

What are you doing to get your message across to your team, co-workers, or employees? Power point is like email these days we see so many of them, they are not effective in creating change. The results your company is hoping for is some kind of change that benefits the company. More productivity (maybe tips on saving time, ways to automate some workloads, etc…) more positive energy (customer service or sales can benefit from changes in these areas.

I have had the pleasure of customizing presentations for companies that for compliance reasons need to do safety trainings annually. Blue Rock and Pike Industries both hired me to present Personal Protective Equipment (safety hats, googles, vests, etc… in a unique way. Live demonstrations are more rare and unique so they help get the message across via entertainment! 1 out of 3 employees want more fun in their trainings are the statistics being reported via Sh!ft.

My current corporate training is more of a creative exercise during lunch breaks for a financial investment company. Their themes are ‘Think out of the box’ and ‘Reimagine.’ I have customized some up-close illusions to tie into those themes to help co-workers think differently about how they approach their jobs!