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Holiday party entertainment (Hybrid…Virtual & live)

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: December 9, 2021

It’s 2021 and it’s the Christmas/holiday season. Companies and families are planning their parties and in some cases it’s still virtual (corporate employees working from home). What is different in December 2021 than December 2020 is there are companies that are back to normal or want to actually get the human connection and shy away from the computer virtual meetings.

Holiday parties remind us all about the fun of human interaction and entertainment is a great way to get family, friends and co-workers into the festive mood (dancing, yankee swaps, and magicians.) The decorations set the mood for a festive gathering and then the food & drinks bring back memories of past parties and creating new memories.

Magic works so well for holiday parties because as a magician I can either work the room providing interactive up-close mini performances that employees/family members will be talking about for years to come! Or gather everyone together for a show that is a shared experience and includes the participation of follow co-workers!

However, for those choosing to stay safe a virtual magic show can add the fun factor to an otherwise dull meeting/party and gives co-workers more to talk about than just shop talk! Imagine as everyone tunes in and then something amazing happens (and you all know it’s not computer special effects!) And talk about front row seats!

Whether your company or family gathering this season is live or virtual reach out for more info and see if I can appear live or virtual for your 2021/Jan. 2022 gathering. For more ideas and booking info go now to: