BBQ’s- summer corporate fun.

Posted by: Phil|| Posted on: May 31, 2022

It’s almost June and time to start thinking about creative ways to reward and thank your employees. With all the challenges of Covid and getting co-workers back to the office or at least for a company social event; it’s more important than ever to reward those who have stayed or started working for the company. A summer BBQ says we value you and let’s have some fun as a group or team.

I have entertained hundreds of company BBQ’s all over New England and they all have one thing in common how to engage and get employees to show up the event. Unless, it’s a mandatory at work BBQ for just a quick bite getting your fellow co-workers to attend means coming up with fun ways to show your appreciation. Prizes, games and entertainment are often the best choices to attract them to the event.

Once there, some surprises like a corporate magician roaming the picnic/BBQ area can really enhance the fun of the appreciation event. A roaming style does allow employees to do other activities and games until the magician makes his/her way to your group. Games like horseshoes, potato sack races (not as often these days), badminton, allow employees to enjoy time together that is not work related.

I was working IDEXX’s 30th anniversary a few summers ago and their BBQ was several food trucks so having 2 magicians roam throughout allowed me to entertain those waiting in lines for their turn at their favorite food truck. With 1,800 employees at the event I had lots of lines to perform/entertain.

BBQ;’s can run the gamut of hamburgers and hotdogs to gourmet food trucks to even lobster bakes (although, those are a different event altogether.) BBQ’s can add a teambuilding element if you have your team/department all dine together under a certain tree or picnic table. It’s also a nice break from the typical work day.

As your company/team starts planning your summer BBQ consider adding a fun element of interactive roaming/strolling magic entertainment to liven up the afternoon and give your fellow co-workers something fun to talk about at the water cooler this summer! For more ideas of how to transform your company BBQ from ordinary to extraordinary visit: