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Holiday Office Parties

Looking For Great Office Party Ideas? Add Some Magic!

Abracadabra Productions Holiday Party Flyer

A company office party is a great way to reward or thank employees and co-workers for their performance throughout the year. Add something unique and exciting like a magician, and your office party becomes something they will look forward to every year. Phil is equally dazzling with small groups or hundreds of employees and clients!

“Strolling Miracles” allow Phil to roam throughout the office party amazing your employees, vendors, and guests with sophisticated sleight-of-hand. Strolling is interactive and creates a sense of being a part of the performance, not just an idle by-stander. A terrific ‘ice-breaker’ and conversation starter, Phil is adept at reading the crowd so no one feels imposed upon or bothered. The magic happens right under their noses and often in their hands!

♦ Imagine…coins materialize at the tips of Phil’s fingers. Cards inexplicably transform right in front of people’s eyes…

Cocktail/Social Hours

Let Phil work the room at your next social gathering, breaking the ice, providing magical surprises, and engaging strangers in fun illusions, and minor miracles.

” imaginative and astounding sleight and flights of magic.”
—Forum Financial Group

“How do you ever entertain a group of 350 co-workers and make them all happy? You just let Philip Smith perform his magical miracles!”
—Disability RMS

“The guests were truly amazed and in awe with your magic and are still raving about it!”
—Bellman’s Jeweler, Manchester, N.H.

“Miracles are an accurate way of describing your illusions, because time after time our jaws dropped!”
—Sadler Insurance Agency, Nashua, N.H.

After Dinner Shows

For a more formal show, gather everyone together to enjoy magic, comedy, juggling, audience participation, and even “sawing the boss” in half. Everyone shares in the fun of co-workers participating! The Boss’s interaction can bring the house down.

“The show was the highlight as laughter pursued during the entire performance from employee participation to illusions that blew our minds!”        –

FerroTec, Bedford, NH

“You were a great addition to our party and our holiday reveling!”
—Beth L. Sturtevant, President CCB, Inc.

“The stage show was the highlight. The comedy combined with the magic had everybody laughing and amazed.”
—Raymond Martel, President, Spillers

“You were the highlight of the party for the second year in a row!”
—Hannaford Supermarkets

Hire Phil Smith to add magic to your Holiday Parties!